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Visualizing npm modules by Geography

npm is the node.js package manager. Coders from all over the world publish javascript packages through npm to distribute easy to consume modules, and it is growing fast.

@substack took up the task of compiling npm modules by city using npm module authors cross referenced against listed github locations, and the results were intriguing.

This data lacked geo references, and it was begging to be visualized, so I did some processing on the data. Here is the repo with the data in various stages:

Here is the geojson of the final output:

And here is a shot of the US, themed using a natural breaks jenks classification algorithm:

Here is a shot of the US with a heatmap over an open street map basemap:

And here is a shot of the world:

A few notes on the data:

Interested in crunching geospatial data like this in node.js? Check out turf.